Assignment America

Series Description:

A weekly series with alternating interviewer: Harvard psycho-historian Doris Kerns; poet, playwright and author Maya Angelou; syndicated columnist George Will and populist chronicler Studs Terkel.  Each program featured one of the four in a 30-minute film or videotape report on someone who contributed to the ideas and issues of America.


Episode #101: Ed Sadlowski: A Message to Pittsburgh

Episode #102: Alf Landon at 87

Episode #103: Jerry Della Femina: The Cat that Barked

Episode #104: Ray Bradbury: The Fantasy Maker

Episode #105: Maggie Kuhn: Wrinkled Radical

Episode #106: Murry Kempton: The Sentimental Socialist

Episode #107: Dr. Harvey Cox: What in God’s Name?

Episode #108: Angela Davis: A Closer Look

Episode #109: Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi: The Doctor’s Dilemma

Episode #110: Pete Rozelle: Report from the Commissioner

Episode #111: Does America Still Work?

Episode #112: Valerie Harper

Episode #113: The New South (Part I)

Episode #114: The New South (Part II)

Episode #115: Bill Mauldin and Pat Oliphant: If it’s Big, Hit it (Part I)

Episode #116: Bill Mauldin and Pat Oliphant: If it’s Big, Hit it (Part II)

Episode #117: Bill Russell: Basketball’s Gentle Giant

Episode #118: Hugh Hefner at 49

Episode #119: Conversation with a Native Son

Episode #120: Edward Bennett Williams: Superlawyer

Episode #121: Lloyd C. Gardner & Warren Susman: Can We Forget Our History?

Episode #122: A Brooklyn All Their Own

Episode #123: Las Vegas: Dreams in the Desert

Episode #124: Sissy Farenthold: A Texas Maverick

Episode #125: Berkeley: Where Have All the Rebels Gone?

Episode #126: Cartier-Bresson’s New Jersey: A Short Cut through America

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